For Kids

Coming to see a doctor can be a scary or intimidating experience.  We’re here to make that experience easier.  For littlies, there are toys to play with and books to read.  For older kids, there are some magazines to check out and you can draw while you wait.

For teenagers, there are some new experiences ahead – we will spend some time with you hearing about your concerns and thoughts without your parents in the room if that’s something you want to do.  We’ll expect you to start taking control of your own health and wellbeing. But don’t worry – taking that responsibility is a journey and we are here to help you travel.

Here are some websites we think are useful.  If there’s anything you’re worried about, they are a good place to start but they don’t replace a good conversation with your doctor and following medical advice. We can’t guarantee they will give you info that’s helpful for you or even that they stay up to date so don’t forget to ask lots of questions when you come for your appointment. It might even be helpful to write questions down beforehand so you don’t forget when you’re here.

Mental health


Butterfly foundation – eating disorders info

Livewire – Starlight Foundation’s teenagers website

Kids Helpline. Help, anytime.

Smiling Mind – mindfulness

Beyond Blue – support for anxiety and depression

Qlife – LGBTI support

Reach Out for help with issues like bullying, gender issues and sexuality

mindmap ACT Youth Portal

ADHD voices

ADDitude: inside the ADHD mind

General health issues

Paediatric Epilepsy Network

Asthma info

250K – an Allergy Awareness Project